Tots Multi-Sports & Physical Education Age 2-4


Each activity is intended to improve motor skills, balance, co-ordination and agility. Completion of the Multi-sports sessions enables children to develop basic skills required for a range of sports and activities helping to prepare them both physically and mentally for the new environment of primary school. Children are taught communication, motor, and spatial awareness skills and are given an introduction to sport.


 Description of the sessions

The sessions are 30 minutes and are designed to be extremely good fun. Children work in pairs for much of the session, moving on to work in larger groups and teams towards the end of the session. Each session is structured in order to keep the attention of young children, incorporating plenty of fluid breaks and changes in activity to refocus their attention and maintain interest in the session.


  • Sessions Outline

  • Warm Up

  • Main activity

  • Team games

  • Questions & Answers


Children are encouraged to play in a group environment whilst providing a fantastic opportunity for parents to assist in their child’s early development.

We build on the fundamental movement skills and football basics learnt in a fun yet structured programme.


Obesity levels in children and adults are rising; in particular the UAE has the fifth highest levels of obesity in the world. At ISM Sports, our mission is to support a reduction in childhood and adult obesity levels by inspiring the next generation to:


  • Be healthy

  • Be active

  • Learn new skills

  • Reach their full potential

  • And most importantly to HAVE FUN!



Jebal Ali Village Nursery

British Orchard Nursery

Toddler Town British Nursery

Little Haven Nursery

Curious Minds

Play & Learn Nursery

The Kensington Nursery

Oakfield Nursery