ISM Fitness is excited to bring to you classes in the following

  • Bootcamps

  • HIIT Fitness

  • Box Fit

  • Family Bootcamps

  • One on One personal training

  • Ladies only Fitness Classes

  • Corporate Fitness packages

ISM BootCamp workouts are:


  • A great way to burn lots of calories.

  • Efficient - you work your whole body in a short period of time.

  • Fun - each exercise is different so you don't get bored.

  • Easy - You can do it anywhere with little equipment.

  • As challenging as you want them to be.


Furthermore, training with family, friends or colleagues is a great way to challenge and motivate one and other in a fun setting at only a fraction of the cost for a gym membership.


Key benefits of BootCamp training:


  • Build lean muscle

  • Tone up all body parts

  • Lose weight and reduce body fat

  • Increase metabolism

  •  Increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels

  •  Improve mental and physical health

  •  Increased energy levels


Dubai British School, Springs

Full Timetable here

Springs Park 15

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club

Al Habtoor Polo Resort