Tots Dance & Movement
Our classes help grow a child's imagination, confidence, strength and balance through songs and simple movements using Props such as ribbons, bean bags, instruments and scarves to encourage your childs sense of play and dance.

Baby Ballet
Encouraging pre-school children to use their imagination while learning basic ballet skills through enhanced movement and song. Focusing on developing gross motor skills, basic ballet, rhythm and confidence, this class helps children feel comfortable with their own natural ability and their surroundings. Increased dancing and imagination are learnt in a fun environment with singing along to music, helping to build basic principles and social skills that will serve them well as they approach school age.

Pre Ballet
These classes will introduce younger students to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Simple coordination, musicality, rhythm and concentration will be emphasized. Students are encouraged to explore space and enjoy dancing.

Ballet 1 (ages 8-10)
This class is suitable for beginners and will cover the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. It is a more formal setting that will give students the discipline to mature as dancers. The importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm, musicality, and memorization will be stressed. Basics of performing will be introduced. It is recommended that students have taken Pre Ballet but it is not required.

Ballet 2 (ages 9-12)
In this class students will gain a more complete understanding of ballet technique. Emphasis will be placed on proper technique and alignment and increasing strength and flexibility. Students are expected to have prior experience in ballet and to be more self-disciplined.

Ballet 3 (ages 12-14)
This the perfect class for the student who wants to transition to a higher level or who needs to catch up on technique. It is a good fit for teens that have started ballet later. The focus will be on intermediate technique and will include basic, beginner pointe at the teacher's discretion. It is highly recommended for jazz students who need cross-discipline training.

Ballet 3 (ages 14-18)
This is an accelerated ballet class for committed students. More difficult technique will be introduced and students will be encouraged to strive for grace and poise as there will be an emphasis on performance quality. Intermediate pointe work will be included.

Disco Tots
A fantastic form of exercise for children who love to move! At this upbeat, fun class, children will learn basic steps and routines set to catchy songs.

Pre Hip Hop
This class serves as an introduction to hip hop dance for the younger student. Using games and music, the class focuses on rhythm, musicality and basic footwork. It is a great way to get kids moving!

Jazz (Beginners)
Jazz dance is a fun and energetic style. The class includes a warm-up with stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises and then moves across the floor to work on turns, leaps, jumps and runs. Each class ends with a fast-paced combination. Jazz Beginners is perfect for the young dancer and focuses on coordination.

Classes currently running are:

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Ages 5 to 8 years 


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